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It starts with our

excellent grapes.

We travel the world and pick the very best.

We maintain a robust library of grape varietals to use in our winemaking.

We have direct relationships with grape growers and wineries all over the world, and are continuously adding to our roster of vineyards and producers. We typically participate in the harvest each season to ensure the continued premium quality associated with our brand. This is our Relentless Pursuit.


After harvest, fresh grapes are sent to our specialized facility that preserves the fruit without prompting the fermentation process. This way, you have a diverse selection of varietals to choose from at any time for your custom vintage.

You can browse our full and current grape library here.

Our Grapes

Your wine. Your way.

Designing your perfect wine is all about you.

During your one-on-one consultation* we work with you to isolate and describe your favourite characteristics in wine.

Big, bold Cabernet Sauvignon with hints of smokey oak? We can do that.

Crisp, bright Sauvignon Blanc with a fruity finish? We can do that.

Old world merlot with mineral characteristics? We can do that.

Are you interested in natural wines? We can do that, too.

Can't decide? We can help.


Our grape library and collection of yeasts is so vast, we can create nearly any white, red or rose you can dream of. You can browse our full and current grape library here

*During Covid-10 one-on-one consultations will be held virtually.​

Your Consultation

Part Science, Part Art

Our Grand Master Vintner brings your dream wines to life. 

Charles Fajgenbaum has repeatedly won awards for every category of wine, and is renowned in the wine making community for the breadth of styles he creates.

After your one-on-one consultation with Charles, he oversees every step of the fermentation process at our cellar. You can learn more about the complexity and number of steps it takes to turn grapes into wine here

Relentless Pursuit also offers access to the realtime work logs for your wine; you are able to follow the notes and activity we make throughout the entire process


Bottling & Cellaring

Wine and time.

During the consultation process we will work with you to establish how quickly you want to drink your unique vintage after it has been bottled. 

Should you have plans to cellar your wine for an extended period of time, we'll make sure that your bottles are corked in a way that will maintain the integrity of the vintage for up to twenty years.

If you're looking to drink your wines right away, we'll take the necessary steps during the fermentation process to make sure your 2021 vintage is ready for you in the same calendar year!

Bottling & Labelling

Bottling is when the adventure gets handed off to you!

Ontario has complex rules about wine bottling. This means you'll have to designate someone to bottle your wines for you, you bottle them yourselves at our store front location, or we bring the bottling equipment to you (your home or office) and we can turn the bottling process into an informal party.

Standard Relentless Pursuit labels are included with your wine. If you want to produce something non-standard for your special vintage we can help facilitate this. We want your wine to be a representation of you inside and out!

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