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Grand Master Vintner Charles Fajgenbaum has been making award winning wines for the last twenty-five years. He uses the best grapes from around the world, applies scientific methodology, and a discerning palette to create his vintages.


Charles offers bespoke blends, customized for discriminating clients in search of unique additions to their wine cellars.

Making Wine
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1. Consultation

Meet* with our Grand Master Vintner to refine your vintage to the perfect expression of your favourite wine. 

*During Covid-10 meetings will be held virtually.


2. Fermentation

With our premium grapes from vineyards around  the world, Relentless Pursuit  manages the fermentation process to achieve your individual wine.


3. Bottling

After initial aging in our cellar, your collection of custom wine is ready for bottling - this is when the adventure can be handed off to you!

Wine Barrels

Our Grapes

Only the best.

Relentless Pursuit sources grapes from vineyards in Europe, South Africa, Australia and Canada. After harvest, each varietal arrives at our specialized facility that preserves the fruit without prompting the fermentation process. This way, you have a complete selection of global varietals to choose from at any time for your custom vintages.

I truly felt that meticulous and passionate winemaking had been brought across the world and poured straight into my glass. 

Justin Manzoni, CMS 2, WSET 3

Sommelier & Manager of Cluny Bistro


You're discerning. You're curious.
You love top-quality wine.

Relentless Pursuit began with a passion for fermenting the world's best grapes into great wines. Every day we look forward to sharing that passion with you.


Whether you are a sophisticated oenophile, a casual drinker, or newcomer to this world, our mission is to  create the perfect expression of what you love to drink.

At Your Service

Let's Design Your Perfect Wine!


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